custom tabbed forms

Electronic Shipper's Bill of Lading

This is a shipper's dream for getting rid of custom 3-part bill of lading forms. I created and used this form as a shipper for many years. I customized it to my needs, but it can be modified for any company and your logo added. It features hazardous and non-hazardous fields and also has drop-down lists to choose the NMFC item that you are shipping. It also auto-totals the packages and weights from each side to get the grand total of packages and weights. It also has a drop-down list in case you have multiple shippers at your location.

If you are interested in this form and having it customized for your company needs, please contact Carter's Mobile Computer Repair for a consult and to answer any questions that you may have. You can also have any other forms created per your needs. All forms are done in PDF format and can be distributed within your company.